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UI/UX, Branding

Pocket Pass is an app made to minimize work when it comes to travelling during the pandemic. It will update you on all the current necessary procedures one must have in order to travel, as well as give reminders and securely store your files.

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Gamers Unite

Branding, Motion, UI/UX, 3D

Gamers Unite is a four-day e-sport/game convention taking place in Toronto. Here, players can meet up in real life, watch professionals compete live, take photos with cosplayer or listen in on panel discussions hosted by artists, development of a game from industry leaders.

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UI/UX, Branding, 3D, Motion

Forme is an easy to use, smart device designed for those with back pain. With embedded sensors and technology, Forme can help users develop better posture habits while assisting with their back pain. Accompanied with our companion app, Forme strives to help build better sitting habits.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer from Toronto : )

< I SPECIALIZE in Ui/UX & Branding >


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