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Hi there ; )

My name is Amy Liao

← This is my OC btw his name is Xiao

I am a YSDN ( York/Sheridan Design major) undergrad of 2022, currently looking for entry level job opportunities. My work range from the various discipline of graphic design. I am very passionate about art, gaming, social media and technology! I am capable of doing UI/UX, branding, data visualization, motion graphics, video editing, and illustrations. I am proficient in most software of the Adobe suite, and I am a dedicated self-starter. I learn fast, and I am always seeking to learn more from others.

About: Bio

Design Skills


Photoshop & Illustrator

Have 5+ years of experience in both apps. Can perform non-destructive editing in Photoshop, and is good at image effects/filters. Able to make vector art and other design elementa


After effect & Premiere 

Have 3+ years of experience in both apps. Able to do video editing with transitions in premiere. Has motion graphics skills, and knows basic ae animation scripts, 3d tracking and green screen keying.


Blender / C4d

Has 2 years of experience in both apps. I can do basic modeling, sculpting, character rigging and animation. Experienced with UV mapping, and can do simple texturing, lighting and physics simulation.



Have 4 years of experience. Proficient in designing wireframes, prototyping with different interaction and animation. Knows how to use auto-layout and various plug-ins.


Paint tool Sai / Clip Studio Paint

Has 4+ years of experience in digital painting and traditional painting. Familiar with all the painting related functions and brush settings in these apps.

Entry Level


Has basic knowledge in web coding and designing with CSS. Understands margins/padding/dev and responsive web building.

About: Skills

Resume Here <3

Here lies the highlight of all my previous studies / work experience and achievements.

About: Files
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