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Pocket Pass

Duration: 3 Month

Tools: Figma,  After effect

Role: User Research, User Experience, UI , User Testing,

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Due to the impact of COVID 19, travelers may face difficulties booking pre-entry PCR test, proving that they recently recovered from COVID-19, and face risk of being assigned to random quarantine.
For international travelers, trying to decipher and memorize different country’s entry requirements is also a huge pain and time consuming.


Have an app that minimize the work we have to do when it comes to travelling during the pandemic. It will update you on all the current necessary procedures one must have in order to travel, as well as give reminders and securely store your files.

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Upon research, we found that many people find having too many paperwork and tests to deal with when travelling now can be annoying. After having established an initial direction, I dived into user scenario and competitive analysis of similar products. 
Based on the pain points of our potential users, I will design the key features of this app to target these issue and create solution for the problems.

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User Scenarios
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PACT analysis 1_CommonPass
PACT analysis 3_NYPass
PACT analysis 2_AppleHealth
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The app is designed to be simple and easy to access. Therefore, I have established the design guidelines to maximize clarity and readability.
Also since this app has to do with a lot of government official information, it is best to keep the colors minimal and clean.

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I designed this app as a comprehensive health app / travel aid app at first. There are 3 main functions, to access health card/insurance/other documents, to access or update vaccination QR code and to show government entry/exit information for those in need for travelling internationally.

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Home screen & search feature
Entry/Exit policy screen
itinerary screen
Task and reminder screen
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Based on previous research on user pain points, the features which I will focus on are:

  1. Checking entry policy

  2. Checking exit policy

  3. Updating proof of vaccination

  4. Adding reminders to itinerary

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It is definitely challenging to ideate a concept and design an app from scratch.
I started the project in Jan 2022, when Ontario required having a COVID vaccine report for entry to public places, I designed this app to expand on that.  However, a huge constraint to this is that government regulations are constantly changing, as we are getting used to co-existing with COVID, so this app wouldn't be as useful. 
To expand on that, I think simply being a travel aid app, which helps users apply visa, renew passport and store itinerary information would have more potential.

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