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Duration: 3 Month

Tools: Figma, Cinema4D, After effect

Role: Product 3D & Mockups, Motion graphics, Web & App UI

Group Project with Sam Yang, Irene Lee, Kelsie Leung

Winner of the 2021 RGD student award

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There has been a rise in people working long hours on laptops rather than monitors with ergonomic setups in recent years. The transition into longer screen time creates wear and tears in muscles, evolving poor posture into a permanent stoop.


While designing the product, we researched the market for current posture correction products, they were mainly attached to the user. We wanted to create a non-invasive product, that is customizable, easy to use and tracks users progress through a companion app. The device will accurately map out the users’ posture through a variety of sensors that is embedded inside.

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Smart Apps + Devices help build better posture habits.
They use notifications and smart devices to notify the user whenever they have a wrong/incorrect posture. The data collected over time can be visualized in apps with graphs/charts, helping users get an insight to their habits and progress.
The device/app will notify users if they have currently exhibited lousy posture, it can also remind user to take breaks and exercise. The timing and frequency of the reminder can be fully customized.

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3D Device Design

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Our companion app, Forme is the user’s primary resource for correcting their posture. We wanted the user to be able to actively see how their posture is changing and how it has changed overtime. Moreover, our app allows our users to customize their notifications to their liking.

I focused on designing the customizable notification settings and later we decided to expand more on key pages and move on into other devices such as tablet and desktop.

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Marketing Website

Each team member contributed to making a different style of wireframes. My idea is to have the website be separate pages, and each page would have different section details.
I was responsible for prototyping the finalized website and making the parallax scrolling effect for the smart fit and thermal aid part of the product.

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The main challenge is to bring everyone’s idea together to create a comprehensive product that’s creative, realistic and beneficial to people’s lives. I was new to Cinema4d at the time so creating the models and texturing was difficult. I would have come up with more variations of the product which showcased different textures (slick vs. cloth) with the skills I have now. If I had more time, I would also love to work on the packaging design for this project, making the whole campaign more realistic.

Overall, I had a great time with this project and gained a lot of insight on user experience and testing, as well as time management and working with a team.

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