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Cyberwork Robotics

Internship Experience

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Graphic Designer
05/2021 - [ 2 Weeks ]


The responsibility of a graphic design intern here is to recraft the image of a complex product development company from the ground up. Everything from corporate image to website to our product collaterals to our VC Pitch Deck and Executive presentations which we present to the CEOs of multinational corporations.
One might also be asked to recommend and prototype product design and machine interface improvements. The candidate will report to and work directly with the CEO and founder of the company on a daily basis to brainstorm and sketch concepts and designs with a high degree of creative freedom.

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Corporate Pitch Deck


The current corporate pitch deck looks too plain and out of date. 

There is little hierarchy in its design and layout

Frame 12 (2).jpg
Frame 13 (1).jpg


Improve the clarity of the message,
Unify the overall aesthetic and style of the presentation.
Have a cleaner and modern corporate look.

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Frame 4 (3).jpg
Cyberwork Robotics: Image

Product Flyer


Information is too crowded and lacks hierarchy. 

Overall spacing is too tight, text are too closed to edge. Image placement is not very ideal.

Frame 10 (1).jpg
Frame 11 (1).jpg


Highlight main features to create visual interest.

Make overall layout cleaner and minimal.

Enlarge the product image so 

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Desktop - 3 (2) 1.jpg
Desktop - 2 10.jpg
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User Manual


Refine user manual for floor scrubber & floor vacuum.

Current design lacks organization and hierarchy.

layout is inconsistent and can make the reading experience more difficult for the readers.

Frame 8 (1).jpg
Frame 9 (5).jpg


Create a cleaner template that works with every section of the manual.

Have a consistent grid and layout direction.

Highlight section titles so the readers have an easier time knowing where they are at.

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Cyberwork Robotics: Portfolio


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